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What Is Breve? An Expresso Drink You Should Try!

Do you ever get the feeling that your coffee isn’t strong enough? That it doesn’t have enough kick to keep you going throughout the day? There is a solution for this problem, and its name is Breve.

So, what is Breve? It is a coffee drink made by combining espresso with hot milk, typically served in small cups, and can be found at specialty coffee shops everywhere. If you’re looking for that perfect balance of intense flavor, richness, and creaminess, then this blog post may just be what you’re looking for. Read on!

What Is Breve?


What is a Breve coffee? Why is it so popular among coffee-lovers? This is an espresso-based coffee drink that’s known as a Breve. It has the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness, making it not only tasty but also refreshing.

It is a combination of two espresso shots with steamed half-and-half. The term “half-and-half” refers to a mixture of whole milk and heavy cream. You can imagine that the espresso flavor and creaminess from a rich brew is truly something to experience.

Noticeably, some cafes use frother milk for lattes, while others prefer the smoother texture of steamed milk. Still, no matter how they go about doing it – always half-and-half mixed with espresso and then agitated until stiff peaks form on top.

The Breve is a rather American invention- it’s an adaptation of the Italian coffee drink. Though many people love to drink them for their morning coffee fix or as part of evening desserts, this milk-rich brew should only be enjoyed in moderation if desired because it packs quite an energy punch.


Breve comes from the Italian language and means short, little, brief, or concise, exactly what a Breve is. A cafe Breve, latté Breves, or a cappuccino are all drinks with rich espresso and creamy milk. There’s no sugar added to these beverages, so you can enjoy them without feeling guilty.

The word ‘Breve’ has a short ‘e’ and is pronounced like the French word for brief. However, the pronunciation of the word varies depending on its context.  For instance, it doesn’t have an ‘e” sound at the end in music terminology.

Meaning short in English does not imply that Breve will always be served in a small cappuccino cup. No matter where you go or who your favorite coffee shop is, every single one does things slightly differently.


Describing the flavor may seem hard if you’ve never tried a latte or any other espresso-based beverage. For starters, these drinks are thick with steamed half and a half to make them more enjoyable.

While many people identify espresso with “strong” coffee, it has a distinct flavor from regular black brews.

What Is The Difference Between A Breve & A Latte?

The Latte has definitely taken over from its more popular sibling – the Cappuccino when it comes to coffee. With the variety of flavors, it’s hard to choose just one.

You may think that a latte and Breve are the same things, but there’s quite an important difference. So, what is a Breve latte, and what is it different from a latte?

Well, a latte is created with steamed milk, usually whole milk and espresso, to give it more body, whereas both half-and-half or soy creamer can be used for making up your Breves instead.

If you’re looking for a creamy pickup, then it might be time to add some half-and-half into your morning coffee. What exactly is this stuff? As mentioned earlier, it’s a blend of whole milk and light cream that usually contains about 10 to 12% fat content, keeping your blood sugar steady during those morning hours.

Who Is A Breve Coffee For?

Breves are specialty coffees that most people can enjoy. Nonetheless, if you suffer from a dairy intolerance or follow a diet plan, then the barista will need to check on your behalf for an option without these ingredients.

It’s worth noting that this drink might not work well with certain diets and lifestyles due to its cream’s high level of fat and cholesterol content.

Some people believe that adding sugar or sweeteners to coffee is unnecessary, as creaminess can be enjoyed without it. At once, a lot of Breve lovers also know this drink doesn’t need extra ingredients because of how richly rewarding espresso truly based treats already are for them.

If you’re one of those people who can’t resist a delicious treat now and then, these might make up for any calories lost from drinking skimmed lattes instead.

How To Make Breve Coffee?

What’s better than enjoying a cup of Breve with friends? However, if you’re not feeling social or just need some alone time, just make one by yourself in the comfort of home. You may use Nespresso machines in case you don’t have much money for espresso machines.

To make the best cup of Breve, you’ll need to use Black Ink Espresso Blend. It’s not only rich in flavors but also provides an excellent cup of Joe.

If you’re looking for a delicious, caffeine-filled treat that will keep your taste buds going strong through the day, then this is it! Making these at home means fewer additives and preservatives, so their nutritional value stays high. Give it a try!

Ingredients & Tools

  • A latte cup
  • Half-and-half
  • Coffee that has been finely ground
  • A coffee maker with a steamer attachment

Step-By-Step To Make Breve Coffee

Step 1: Froth The Half-and-Half With Steam

Making the best coffee drink starts with high-quality beans. If you didn’t roast them yourself, then roast and grind immediately to ensure your end product is great soon after.

There are many ways to enjoy your morning coffee. One of the best is with a good old-fashioned Breve and cream blend. These ingredients will give you that smooth, rich taste without any problems at all. They’re available in most grocery stores nowadays if you are unlikely to make them yourself.

The best way to enjoy cream and warm milk are with a steaming wand. Once they’re blended, you can steam the hot mixture for a few minutes at around 150 °F to get all of that delicious satisfaction.

Step 2: Make The Espresso

A shot of espresso is just the thing to start a new day. With so many different flavors and blends, you can ensure that your morning coffee will be perfect for any taste.

For those who are using their Nespresso maker, try different capsules or customize some of the flavors. When the espresso is ready, grind and tamp it onto your cup. Even though we typically suggest blonde espressos for Breve, darker roasts that can quickly cut through milk perform even better.

Step 3: Pour Half-And-Half After Being Heated

If you are not an expert barista, pour half and half mixture into your espresso coffee with a spoon. Hold back some froth at first to make sure there is maximum crema surface area for creating that perfect cup of Joe. Add more or less depending on your preference to create your coffee.

In case you want to create beautiful latte art, make sure there’s not much froth on top and that your milk jug can handle the steam. You should also start with half-and-half in a metal container instead of using the whole cream if possible for better results when steaming it later down the line.

Step 4: Add The Foam

The final step in making Breve is adding foam. You should create the most foam when your steaming tip is at or close to the surface. Keep it about 1/4″ below that perfect layer of bubbles for half-and-half with less than average foam.

The milk jug is your best friend for creating consistent foam. To get the most out of it, tilt and swirl so that liquid rotates around inside before pouring into a cup or mug (or anywhere else!) if you want to be adventurous. Don’t worry; just use an extra spoon.

Step 5: Serve

The perfect drink for any occasion is not complete without a tasty foam. The foam makes you feel like royalty and can be served in many different ways. Still, most importantly, when enjoying your morning coffee or evening tea with friends/family, drinking from an actual mug feels satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Is Breve

1. Is Breve Good For You?

The nutritional content of a Breve drink is great, but the fact that it contains half whole milk and light cream at times up to 60% fat calories per cup can add on. Not only does this make them high in cholesterol for most people’s daily intake limit, but also since there isn’t an increase when drinking froth as you would see from heavy cream or even 1%.

Did you know that a regular breve latte or skinny latte is better for your health? We recommend leaving the Breves on special occasions and making it an everyday choice.

2. Is Breve Hot Or Cold?

Most coffee shops serve the hot version of this beverage, but you can order iced or blended also.

3. How Many Shots Are In A Breve Coffee?

It’s tough to know what size of a beverage will be perfect for you, but it usually depends on where you are. For example, 12 ounces might contain one shot while 16 does two! Ask the barista if in doubt so they can make sure your drink has all ingredients and tastes good too.

Final Thoughts

So, what is Breve? It is a delicious espresso-based coffee drink that’s perfect for people who enjoy the taste of bitterness and sweetness.

If you want to try making Breve at home, follow the simple instructions above for your next morning brew! Homebrewers can use their favorite brewing device or pour-over set up to make the perfect cup of brave coffee.

Already tried it? Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear about your experience with this delicious drink.

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