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Milk Frother vs Immersion Blender – Great Tools For Creating Your Drinks

If you love frothed drinks but also want to make them yourself. Don’t worry! Milk frother vs immersion blender will be an expensive tool to support you.

Surely these two machines will surprise you because they have great functions to help you create professional milk froth layers like in a coffee shop. For details, read on!

What Is A Milk Frother Product?

The milk frother is one of the great elements that make your drink more attractive. To create a milk frother, you can take advantage of the following two ways:

Using the frothing wand

With the frothing wand, you can hold and foam with your hands. Specifically, you need to insert the tip of the stick into the milk and then move it around the milk to foam.

Using a standing milk frother

The standing milk frother looks like a mini kettle or a thermos, but it has the function of frothing the milk. What you need is to pour the milk into the machine so that it helps you to foam, then pour it out and make your favorite drinks.

What Is An Immersion Blender Product?

If you are familiar with the frothing wand, it is easy to imagine the immersion blender. Specifically, the immersion blender is evaluated as a larger version because of its sturdy, large, and more functional than the frothing wand.

You can use the immersion blender to make various dishes such as some healthy smoothies or soups. 

If the tip of the frothing wand is a foam stick, the head of the immersion blender is a sharp blade with more functions. In addition, the immersion blender also has custom speed modes that help you make milk froth fast or slow. 

The Distinction Between Milk Frother vs Immersion Blender

To understand specifically the difference between a milk frother and an immersion blender, please see the following details:

Machine size

An immersion blender is larger than the milk frother. You can use this machine in conjunction with a cup or even a bowl or pot. 


You can use the milk frother and the immersion blender to froth in an object like a cup. However, you can only use a milk frother in foaming or mixing liquids. With the immersion blender, you can use it for more tasks, such as grinding tomatoes to make smoothies.

Warm-up support

If you want to make the absolute best milk foam, then milk frother can do it for you. Specifically, a milk frother has the feature of warming the milk to make it foamier and faster. For Immersion blenders, there is no heating support.


The milk frother machine is compact, so it only needs to be attached to a removable battery to operate. With an immersion blender, you need plug-in power to operate because its capacity is larger than a milk frother.  

Which Machine Is Better?

If you choose a machine that is only aimed at mixing liquid drinks and frothing milk, the frothing wand will be a great product. In addition, research has evaluated that frothing milk is best when using a machine that supports warming. That’s why a frothing wand is always the top choice if you want a perfect milk foam.

In other cases, if you need a simple foam to decorate the water dish or want to make many other dishes, you should choose the immersion blender. This amazing appliance will help you prepare a wide range of drinks, smoothies, or an impressive soup. 

How To Make Foamed Milk?

Made with a milk frother

You can easily choose to buy milk frother products to serve for creating drinks. If you have never used a frother before, don’t worry because the operation of the milk frother machine is very simple.

First, you need to choose the types of milk that need to be frothed and put in a container large enough to be able to mix it up. Once the milk mixture is ready, you can start the milk frother and insert the tip inside the mixture.

You need to hold the frother for about 30 seconds for it to whip the milk mixture. During the foaming process, you can move around the mixture to speed up the foaming process. When the level of foam is created as desired, you can turn off the machine.

The foaming process is extremely quick and effortless when you use a milk frother. If you are using a manual foamer, it takes a lot of work and time to get the bubbles to rise.

Made with an immersion blender

Similar to a milk frother, you can use the ​immersion blender for frothing your drinks.

First, you need to prepare a pot and put the milk to be frothed to warm it, which helps create the perfect foam.

After warming the milk mixture, start placing the tip of the immersion blender inside. Remember that the blender tip must be completely submerged in the milk to ensure that the milk will not be splashed when whisking. Next, turn the blender on low and blend around to create foam.

You will own a beautiful foam with the immersion blender. You should note that choose a deep pot, and the milk is heated not too hot to avoid messy foam.

Top Commonly Asked Questions Of Milk Frother vs Immersion Blender

1. Can I make milk foam in the usual way?

If you don’t have a milk frother, don’t worry because there are other methods.

You need to warm the milk by heating it or using a microwave. After that, you can use a pitcher, add the hot custard, and shake it until frothy. Alternatively, you can use the French press or beat the milk manually.

Overall, these options are time-consuming and labor-intensive, but the foam isn’t pretty. The perfect option is still the frothing wand for frothing milk.

2. Can I use a milk steamer as an alternative to a milk frother?

The answer is no! The milk steamer is only used to heat milk, not to foam milk. Milk steamers are often bundled with coffee machines to create the perfect beverage.

If you own a milk steamer, you can use it to warm the milk and then use the frothing wand to create foam.

3. Which type of milk should help create good foam?

Fat-free or low-fat milk will help you create a nice and steady froth. If you love milky flavors like almond milk there is also a great variety.

On the other hand, whole milk will be a suitable product if you need a thicker foam. However, this type of milk has unstable bubbles, and it quickly disappears.


If you love milk foam, then quickly choose milk frother vs immersion blender. With the support of these two tools, you do not need to spend too much time and effort on frothing milk for your drink.

Not only that, you will be more professional if you use the immersion blender to create nutritious juices. Try it now!

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