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How To Make Coffee In The Microwave?

You’re probably familiar with some of the common methods for making coffee, yet today we’ll show you how to make coffee in the microwave, which is a whole new method. 

So why do you brew coffee in the microwave when there are a variety of other options? Nothing like the microwave oven for speed and convenience, and even if you’re not having any fancy equipment such as a French press, pour-over, or Espresso coffee maker, you could still enjoy a coffee cup as long as you have the microwave in your kitchen.

How To Make Coffee In The Microwave?

Essential Tools

  • Microwave
  • Ground coffee 
  • Coffee filter or cheeseclothBinder clip
  • Tea strainer
  • Fork, spoon, or chopstick
  • Sugar, milk, or other additives that you like

Adjust The Power Level For The Microwave

Before you begin, set your microwave’s power level to 90 percent power rather than High power (100 percent power). It is because choosing the lower power setting prevents your coffee from being scorched during the heat treatment.

To adjust the power level in most microwaves:

  • Touch the Time Cook
  • Enter the cooking time
  • Press the power level button
  • Enter the power level that you want
  • Press START to start cooking

Note: The procedure might differ across models, refer to the user’s manual for more information.

Now we will show you how to make coffee with a microwave in 4 easy methods.

Method 1: Using a Coffee Filter

  • Step 1: First, double-check that the cup you’re using is microwave-safe.
  • Step 2: Fill it with water. Put the cup in the microwave, then heat it until it reaches the desired temperature for the coffee, which will vary depending on the type of microwave you have.
  • Step 3: After heating the water, put two teaspoons of ground coffee into the filter. You can use cheesecloth as an alternative.
  • Step 4: Fold the filter into a ball. Your ground coffee should sit entirely inside that ball.
  • Step 5: Attach the fork to the top of the filter. Next, place it at the mouth of the cup to allow the coffee to be dipped in hot water.
  • Step 6: Leave your coffee to rest for several minutes in water. You can get most coffee out of the ground beans by pressing the container against the cup’s side.
  • Step 7: It is best to serve your coffee in another cup to avoid any residue escaping from the filter. Choose something that you can bring along with you.

Method 2: Using  a Binder Clip

  • Step 1: Make a bag out of the coffee filter. Fold your coffee filter in half, then fold all edges towards the center, and fold it once again.
  • Step 2: Fill the bag with around two teaspoons of your favorite ground coffee.
  • Step 3: By securing the top of the bag with the binder clip, you can keep your ground coffee from spilling out. Set it aside.
  • Step 4: Fill a microwave-safe coffee cup halfway with water.
  • Step 5: To avoid or decrease the development of hotspots in your microwave, place a non-metallic object in the cup, such as a chopstick, wooden stick, or popsicle stick.
  • Step 6: Microwave the cup for a few seconds. Depending on the models, you might want to heat the cup for 2 minutes.
  • Step 7: Remove the popsicle stick then dip your filter bag into hot water. Allow time for it to brew.
  • Step 8: Take out the filter bag then discard your coffee grounds.
  • Step 9: Depending on your preferences, add sugar or milk to balance out the bitterness, or simply enjoy it plain.

Method 3: Using a Tea Strainer

When you don’t already have the tea strainer, obtain one as quickly as possible. It’s among the most helpful kitchen gadgets you can have. It may be used for more than just filtering tea leaves. You may even use it to brew your coffee.

  • Step 1: Fill a microwaveable mug or cup halfway with water and place it in your microwave.
  • Step 2: Allow 50 – 60 seconds for the water to heat up, or wait until the water reaches approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit, whichever comes first.
  • Step 3: Heat another mug or cup with heated water from the kettle or tap while the water inside the microwave is heated.
  • Step 4: When the cup in the microwave is ready, empty the other cup and put the tea strainer over top.
  • Step 5: Fill your tea strainer with two teaspoons of coffee grounds.
  • Step 6: Pour the water cup that you’ve just microwaved over your coffee grounds. Make sure you pour enough water to completely soak all the grounds inside the strainer.
  • Step 7: Allow 3 to 4 minutes to steep. If you want a stronger flavor, you can wait for another 1 to 2 minutes. To extract more coffee from the grounds, gently push down the teaspoon’s base upon the coffee grounds.
  • Step 8: Toss in a pinch of sugar and a splash of milk and enjoy.

Method 4: Directly Putting Coffee Grounds Into The Cup

  • Step 1: To begin, fill a big cup halfway with water. Make sure that you are using a microwaveable cup.
  • Step 2: Microwave the cup for a few seconds to warm it up. The water should not reach the boiling temperature but should be sufficiently hot for extracting the coffee.
  • Step 3: Take your cup out of the microwave and set it aside.
  • Step 4: Put a tablespoon of ground coffee into the cup and give it a quick stir.
  • Step 5: If you get the right temperature for the water in the previous step, you’ll see a creamy froth, just like you would with normal brewing methods.
  • Step 6: Allow some time for the coffee grounds to settle down at the bottom of the cup.
  • Step 7: Transfer the liquid to a different container so you won’t end up with a mouth full of grounds when taking the last sip.
  • Step 8: Use sugar and milk to elevate the taste.

Is Making Coffee In A Microwave Safe?

If you’re going to boil your water in a microwave, it is advisable to use a microwave-safe cup or mug. Allow for enough room at the top of your cup or mug for water to prevent water from overflowing onto your microwave. 

With a cup full of hot water, you risk spilling hot water on your hand or arm when taking water from your microwave. Microwaved water may heat up differently in different places, resulting in a strewn pattern of hot spots inside your cup. 

It’s critical to thoroughly stir your coffee before taking a sip to avoid hot spots that might burn your mouth or lips.


Now you know how to make coffee in the microwave with the different methods above. 

Coffee’s flavor is difficult to explain, according to many people’s perceptions. Each kind of coffee gets its own distinct flavor, and each individual must make their own decisions based on their personal tastes.

Besides, microwaves are great appliances for brewing hot, tasty coffee in no time… All it takes for a delicious morning cup of coffee is a microwaveable cup, the microwave, and additional tools that different methods require. 

You can use a filter, cheesecloth, and tea strainer to stop the grounds from entering the cup. Alternatively, directly put the grounds into your cup to get the most out of your grounds. 

Finally, make sure you’re using fresh beans and the proper water temperature… Have a good time brewing!

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