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How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Clothing? – Practical Tips

Most of us dislike waking up in the morning. There’s a lot to accomplish, you’re tired, always rush in time, and then realize you’re in for a long day.

A freshly prepared cup of joe can provide the much-needed respite from the fog and help you unwind before the chaos begins. Yet, if that treasured cup of delightful energy accidentally spills on your clothes, this serene moment might suddenly turn into a nightmare!

What should you do in this case, then? How to get coffee stains out of your clothing? Scroll down to learn tips on solving this issue!

How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Clothing?

Getting Rid Of A Fresh Coffee Stain

The ideal time to wash up the spill is right after it occurs! The longer you leave it, the more liquid will soak into garments, worsening the stain. If at all feasible, take these stages to know how to remove coffee stains from clothing before it becomes a huge issue!

  • Step 1: Take off your clothesHowever, do not undertake this step if you are working or in a risky circumstance (e.g., driving).
  • Step 2: Pour cold water BEHIND the spot — To keep the espresso from seeping deep into the fabric, pour chilled water from a tap through the rear of the fabric. Continue running water through the stain back for another 10 – 15 minutes, or until the water flowing out is clear.
  • Step 3: Gently rub the coffee spill with a little cold water and detergent or dishwashing liquid. Wait about 3 – 5 minutes for new stains to dry. Allow it to sit for a longer period of time, but do not leave it completely dry!
  • Step 4: Lightly press the soiled fabric using your thumb and fingertips every 5 mins to release the color. Examine the affected area after half an hour of immersing in cold water. If the discoloration persists, soak for 5 – 15 minutes in heated water before completely cleaning.
  • Step 5: Double-check if the coffee spot is gone. If any traces of the treatment still remain, redo the instructions before drying. Allow the garment to air dry (Never dry your item in a machine, as the heat will harden the stain).

You should remove the stain before it settles. Clothing material can also create a significant effect; for example, cotton especially soaks up liquids significantly more quickly than polyester. However, because this strategy doesn’t always work out, let’s look at some more methods for when the coffee refuses to go away!

Getting Rid Of A Dried Coffee Stain

The deeper a stain is formed, the more difficult it is to clean. Unless the espresso stains are still on your clothing for weeks (or months), these methods should work.

Feel free to experiment with several procedures to find out which one best suits your apparel. As the stain effect differs from the materials of your clothes, certain tactics may be more effective than others.

Liquid Laundry Detergent

If you’re choosing liquid laundry detergent, do it on the day the spill happened. If not, a dry detergent will suffice.

  • Step 1: Utilize cold water and detergent to clean: Apply just enough solution to completely cover the stain, but not too much. If you’re not sure how much amount to apply, start with a small amount and move up. Then, immerse the discoloration in cold water for a few minutes. You’ll have to soak the garment if the stain is old.
  • Step 2: Rub the soap on the fabric. After allowing the soap to soak for a few minutes, lightly press it into the garment every 5 minutes or more. Around half an hour, you should notice a visible improvement.
  • Step 3: Rinse. After the spot has been removed, wash away any extra detergent and wind your clothes.

Powder Detergent

If you don’t have liquid laundry detergent or if the mark has been there for over a day, use powder detergent. The powder has the advantage of agitating the cloth, which aids in the loosening of the coffee. Do the same processes as before, but this time rub the soap into the fabric with a clean toothbrush. If you press too vigorously, the material may be damaged.

Stain Pre-Treatment

You may use a stain treatment to remove coffee stains from clothing quickly and easily.

An additional thing to keep in mind is that you must never dry discolored clothing in the washer. The stain will solidify and become much more difficult to eliminate if you do so. If that’s the case, you’d better get used to wearing ruined clothes since they’re not going to get spotless any time soon.

White Vinegar

Vinegar can be used to remove stains, both coffee and non-coffee related. Read the instructions for the optimal outcomes:

  • Step 1: Combine dishwasher detergent and vinegar – 1 quart of heated water, ½ tsp of laundry detergent, and 1 spoonful of white vinegar should be used to make the combination.
  • Step 2: Immerse the garment – Apply the cleaning solution over the area and leave it to rest for 15 mins.
  • Step 3: Rinse – If the color persists, repeat two first steps. You can clean the items on a daily basis once the discoloration has been removed.


If you dropped coffee on white garments, bleach them rather than experiment with alternative cleaning methods. Just ensure you bleach the entire clothing to avoid any white patches. Also, look for any fabric limits on the bleach label (i.e. Lycra).

If the aforementioned procedures still don’t help with your problematic coffee stains, here are a few other uncommon options:

Dish Soap

Dishwashing soap is typically used for a cloth on carpets, but with adequate washing, you can apply it on garments. Prior to cleaning, soak the soiled region with one tablespoon of dish soap and two glasses of warm water.

Magic Eraser 

You’ve probably struggled to get coffee stains out of a porcelain cup, which has been sitting in the sink for several days. An easy solution is softly dampening a magic eraser and rubbing on the problematic area.

Egg Yolk

Although it’s an uncommon pick for a cleaning solution, many people swear it succeeds. Begin by whisking together one egg yolk. For 1 – 2 minutes, rub it on the dirty spot. After rinsing, the stain will disappear. It’s worth noting that the clothing will smell a little eggy until it can be washed.

Baby Powder

Using a small amount of baby powder, dust the clothing item. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Shaving Cream

You can wash the stain with shaving foam, clean, and reapply as needed because shaving cream has many similar chemicals like soap.


Mix equal parts vinegar, detergent, and water to create a paste. Cover the spot with it, then slowly scrape the area with a used toothbrush.

Spray For Stain Removal

Another approach is to use a stain removal spray or dip the clothing in water and stain removal powder with a little lube. Clean the spot thoroughly with a suitable laundry detergent.

Stain Pen

When you’re susceptible to coffee accidents, a stain removal pen should be kept in your workplace, car, or purse. They can perform their magic, eliminating the stain immediately till you reach home and wash it. They’re a convenient method of removing spills on the go, and they’re available in the laundry department of supermarkets.


To begin, double-check that the toothpaste is white. You can brush the color with toothpaste to dissolve the discoloration, as it serves as an exfoliant. If required, then rinse it again.

If you’ve tried everything else and your clothing is still stained with that pesky coffee stain, here’s a tip that might work:

The sun has the ability to bleach whatever it comes into contact with. Putting soiled clothes outside on a sunny day can reduce the stain’s clarity, making it less obvious or possibly disappearing entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Clothing

1. Are Coffee Stains Long-Lasting?

No, coffee spots are not permanent, but based on the period spent soaking or the thickness of the mark, they can be harder to eliminate. You can clean most coffee spots. However, the technique varies and can be time-consuming.

2. How Do I Get Rid Of The Coffee Odor?

You should eliminate the odor connected with the stain by using the methods indicated above. Soda crystals are an easy and economical deodorizer that can also be used to remove previous stains.

Espresso beans, on the other hand, can be used to eliminate undesirable scents. To remove undesirable odors, put a cup of new or leftover grinds in the refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, or microwave.

Final Thoughts

You’re now ready to face your following cup of joe, as well as any spills that may occur. You won’t have to worry anymore as you have learned how to get coffee stains out of clothing. If you liked these suggestions, stay tuned to get notified when we write another useful piece about coffee spots!

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