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How To Dispose Of Coffee Grounds? – The Best Answer

Everyone has coffee grounds in their kitchen. So, how to dispose of coffee grounds? Some people compost them, some throw them away, and others will even feed the grounds to their plants. Still, have you ever considered how these discarded coffee grounds can be put to good use?

We’re going to show you what we do with our leftover coffee grounds that might just change your mind about throwing out your old grinds! Scroll down to learn some good suggestions!

How To Dispose of Coffee Grounds?

There are three main ways to dispose of the coffee grounds; let’s take a closer look at each here:

Toss It In the Trash

If you want a super-easy way to get rid of coffee grounds, just throw them in with your regular trash. For a no-fuss method that requires minimal effort and is eco-friendly, put them out with other nonhazardous household wastes for pick up by public garbage trucks!

Additionally, coffee grounds are an awesome way to eliminate odors in your home. We always keep some on hand for those times when garbage bags start overflowing.

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Dump It In Bins For Compostable Food Waste

Is there a local curbside composting service in your area? You might be able to use one of these services when it comes time for recycling the coffee grounds. The government and private organizations all provide recycling bins, which take all sorts of waste like coffee filters and grounds.

You can find this service by searching online and seeing if it’s available in your living area. They will pick up the bins of recyclables for replacement once the bins are full at no cost!

Make Compost With It

Composting is the future of gardening. It not only makes your soil healthier but also saves you money by recycling wasted food and coffee grounds into natural fertilizer! Specifically, coffee grounds are also full of nitrogen that attracts worms. When they eat this food, you will get fresh manure which can be used on vegetables or flowers in place!

Coffee has been found to be a great fertilizer for outdoor and indoor plants due to its rich ingredients – Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are just some of the vitamins that can be found in coffee that you can apply to grow your garden without negative effects like other fertilizers!

The best way to provide nutrients for your plants is by adding coffee grounds. It’s a great source of both Nitrogen and Phosphorus, which will help make the plant healthier as well as increase its growth rate!

Put some ground coffee over the soil around each plant you want fertilizing; it’s easy-peasy (no pun intended)! Just make sure not too much emerges beyond their reach because this can cause root damage.

What Else Can You Do with Coffee Grounds Instead of Throwing It Away?

Here are some good suggestions for you if you do not want to throw those coffee grounds in the trash bins!

Repel Pests And Insect

If you have coffee grounds around the house, don’t let them go to waste! Coffee is a great way of deterring pesky insects such as slugs, snails, and ants from entering your home.

In detail, prepare a can or jar, some coffee grounds, and sticky tape. Place the mixture in front of your home’s entrance point for cockroaches to enter through – they’ll show up soon enough!

To get rid of those pesky insects and pests, you can spread a line (or two!) of thin coffee grounds around the outside walls after two weeks. It may not be pretty, but it works!

Ants are pesky little creatures, so if you want to get rid of them for good, it is best to take a proactive approach. Place coffee grounds at the base of their mound and make sure there’s also some on top as well!

A Natural Air Deodorizer

Coffee grounds are an excellent way to eliminate unpleasant odors, such as when your garbage disposal smells. You can use coffee grounds in this case, and it will neutralize the smell while also restoring a sense of freshness for your home or workplace!

To be more specific, the best way to improve the smell of your garbage can is by adding some frozen coffee grounds.

If you want to keep your fridge smelling fresh, place a bag of coffee grounds inside for the next couple of weeks.

You can also place coffee grounds under the smelly footpads or storage containers of smelly shoes for a cleaner and fresher smell. This might not be for everyone, but it’s a great recycling idea!

Clear Away Stubborn Buildup

Coffee grounds are acidic and abrasive, making them good for scrubbing away residue on pans and pots. Remember that they can leave a brown tinge, so make sure you only apply coffee grounds on stain-resistant things.

Don’t forget to use your sink’s drain plug or basket when collecting the coffee grounds back, as it can worsen a clogged-up drainage system!

A Natural Dye if You Like the Natural Look

When you’re looking for a natural dye, coffee grounds are one of the best options. They create an earthy brown color that is perfect to use in your crafting projects!

Soak the grounds in a water bowl. Once the water turns brown, you can utilize it for fabrics dying! Leave the grounds in the water there for about 10 mins or more. After that, add a spoon of vinegar to the water.

With the coffee grounds dye, you can create a more natural look. This will hide any graying hair and may even help with growth!

A Meat Tenderizer For Tough Meat Cuts

Coffee grounds are a secret to success when using the meat grinder. They contain acids and other enzymes that help tenderize tough cuts, which will enhance your favorite dishes’ flavor!

If you’re looking for an easy way to add that delicious coffee flavor into your favorite dishes, try adding it in as a rub! Just mix up some of those Grounds with any other spices or herbs and apply them before cooking. The heated oils from fats will absorb through the meat fibers transforming them into rich brown goodness.

The next time you need a quick and easy dinner, try using coffee grounds in your meat marinade. Let the liquid sit overnight before grilling or oven-baking for an added layer of flavor that’ll be hard to resist!

A Body Or Face Scrub

Coffee grounds can be used as an excellent exfoliant to promote healthy, glowing skin. More specifically, caffeic acid is the primary nutrient found in coffee that helps stimulate cells on your body’s outer layer to promote a newer youthful-looking complexion!

Want a new way to exfoliate your skin? Add coffee grounds and brown sugar together, accompanied with a liquid such as a coconut oil, lemon drops, or olive oil for an invigorating scrub.

After you finish mixing those ingredients, put on a thick layer of paste all over your body. Massage it in like with any other exfoliator, and leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off completely under cool water, then patting dry to reveal softer skin!

Coffee grounds are so much more than just a tasty cup of joe. Fill your sink with water, mix in some coffee grinds, and you have an aromatic bowl for moisturizing skin or scrubbing away dead cells! The caffeine will wake up those tired-looking eyes, while the antimicrobial properties prevent germs from causing acne breakouts as well!

A Healthy Hair Product

If you have dull hair and would like to get the most out of your natural beauty, then coffee grounds are just what you need. Coffee has been known as an effective treatment for many skin conditions, as its stimulating effects can help with both redness from rosacea or psoriasis flare-ups!

Similarly, these invigorating benefits also play into our appearances by keeping our follicles healthy. Thus, the caffeine in coffee grounds will clean your hair and make it look extra shiny. Just massage a handful into wet locks before shampooing, then rinse thoroughly to get rid of that residue!

FAQs Of How To Dispose Of Coffee Grounds

1. How Long Do Coffee Grounds Take To Decompose?

Commonly, it will take about 3 months or more.

2. Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Drain?

Coffee grounds found in a garbage disposal can actually cause damage to your plumbing, expensively costing you time and money. They do not break down easily, so they will clump together with other particles from food until, over time, they form an obstruction that jams up the drain!


Overall, how to dispose of coffee grounds?

It’s up to you how much time and effort you want to put into the process, but there are a number of different ways that coffee grounds can be used.  Some people make compost out of them; some use it as fertilizer for their garden or potted plant, while others turn it into candles.

If anything else seems interesting or worthwhile, try it! You may never know what your next great idea will be until you take the leap and give something new a shot!

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