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How To Clean A Coffee Pot With Baking Soda? – A Foolproof Guidance

Are you a big fan of coffee? Have you ever felt frustrated cleaning the coffee pot after making a cup of coffee? If you have, you are not alone in this world because many people out there are struggling to make the coffee pot bright and clean again.

This article will provide you with detailed guidance on how to clean a coffee pot with baking soda. Let’s get into it.

What Materials Needed?

Before going into details about how to clean a coffee pot with baking soda, we need to list out what materials and equipment we will use. Let’s take a look.

We need some liquids, such as tap water and white vinegar. Clean water can be prepared right inside your kitchen, while white vinegar is available in many stores.

We also have to prepare a sponge and baking soda. As for the sponge, it is recommended to use the abrasive one, which can scrub the stains and dirt effectively.

There are many brands of baking soda out there; hence, you can pick up any brand you like. The price variances are still noticeable. If you plan to buy baking soda in bulk, the selling price would be much lower than purchasing a single package of this material.

Our advice is that whatever types of baking soda you go for, you need to watch the quantity of the package carefully as there are chances we will not use them up. Otherwise, you can ask your mom if she wants to use baking soda in cleaning indoors.

Now, we are ready to go.

How To Clean Coffee Pot With Baking Soda?

Once you have everything in the preparation list, here is the step-by-step guidance on using baking soda to clean stained coffee pots. Let’s get started.

Mix Water With Vinegar

To begin with, take the water and the white vinegar to a mixture with the ratio of one-to-one. For example, you will take 500ml of water dissolved in 500ml vinegar. With this ratio, the liquid mixture performs best to clean the dirt.

Then, you can pour the mixture directly into the coffee maker and turn on the brew button. Leave the liquid inside the pot for 20 to 30 minutes and take it out. If the coffee pot is extremely stained, it is up to you to spend more than 30 minutes letting the liquid stay inside the pot.

Clean The Pot With Water

Once you have dumped the vinegar and water out of the pot, you need to make sure that the pot is cleaned again with water.

The objective now is to move the vinegar out before coming to the next steps. If you miss this step, your cup of coffee probably infuses a hint of the vinegar smell, which can spoil the taste of your drink.

Add Baking Soda To The Water

Now, get baking soda ready.

This step is the most important; hence, it would be best to follow our mixing ratio.

You need to take 2 cups of baking soda into 4 cups of clean water. Make sure that you stir them well before putting them into the coffee pot.

The recommended time for the mixture to sit in the pot is 15-20 minutes. Yet, you can leave it there longer for stubborn stains.

Scrub Inside & Outside Of The Pot

After you have waited for the baking soda to work out, it is time to use the sponge to scrub the coffee pot from the inside.

If the stains are still there, repeat the cycle until you feel the stains are gone. Remember that the dirt can remain even when you scrub the pot several times. That is why the following step is necessary for getting rid of all the debris.

Leave The Baking Soda Overnight

As said, in case the stains are too stubborn to drive away, it would be best to leave the baking soda on the coffee pot overnight. Now, follow the mixing ratio of 2 cups of baking soda and 4 cups of water. Then you can let them stay in the coffee pot through the night.

The next morning, the stains can easily go away with the help of the abrasive sponge.

Clean The Pot As Usual

In this step, the stains are completely gone. It is time to clean the coffee pot one last time with water and detergent. One special note is that the coffee maker can be compatible with the dishwasher in this step to put the pot in there. Otherwise, scrubbing the pot by hand with water and detergent is not a bad choice.

Ensure that the final thing you do is to smell the inside of the coffee pot to see if there is any scent left.

Dry The Pot With A Towel

The final step in using baking soda to clean a stained coffee pot is to dry clean the coffee pot with a soft towel. This step is optional, yet, it would be best to clean all the water in and out of the coffee pot to eliminate unwanted smells.

Now, your coffee pot is ready to use.

The Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article has provided you with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to clean a coffee pot with baking soda. Remember that the lack of cleanliness of the coffee pot influences the aesthetic of the coffee maker and brings down the tastes of the coffee.

One final piece of advice for you is to clean the coffee pot regularly to avoid super stubborn stains and specks of dirt. Otherwise, you have to spend a huge amount of effort scrubbing it.

Thanks for reading!

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