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How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last? Best Guideline To Coffee

Have you ever wondered: How long do green coffee beans last? This article will show you the details along with different ways to keep your coffee beans in good condition.

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last?

Raw coffee beans are less expensive than roasted ones. However, they can last for a long time, especially when they are stored properly. So, how long do green coffee beans stay fresh specifically?

Green coffee beans can last up to 6 months or a year if they are in good condition. The better you take care of your beans, the longer they will last.

Additionally, raw beans can also remain good qualities and their key flavors for a long period. If you store your green coffee beans in a vacuum-sealed bag or a freezer, they can last for several years to come. 

Proper storage allows unroasted coffee to preserve its flavor and aroma for the duration of its life. It’s still a good idea to use your beans as soon as possible after purchasing them. It will ensure that they have the best quality.

Some people don’t mind brewing old coffee beans because they don’t care about flavor or scent. However, expired coffee beans still have some differences.

Expired ones are discolored, devoid of scent, and may emit an unpleasant, musty odor. They appear to be harder, yet they are frail and crumble into many pieces, leaving many crumbs.

Even though it is safe to drink expired green coffee beans, it is better safe than sorry. Avoid questionable goods and put your health as the top priority!

What Are Green Coffee Beans?

We all know “brown coffee beans,” but have you ever heard of “green coffee beans”? Basically, they are the same things.

Green coffee beans are completely raw. They will have the characteristic dark color while roasted and turn into a brown hue. Mostly when they get into the hands of yours, they are pre-roasted coffee beans.

Before, home drinkers preferred a quick instant coffee. However, since they COVID-related lockdowns, many people tend to go for green beans. The best thing about it is you are fully in control.

When you use green ones, you can decide how well your coffee will be roasted. Keep in mind that green coffee beans won’t taste like your regular dark or black coffee.

They have a grassy aroma and are considerably milder; some even said they taste more like herbal tea.

Another huge advantage of green coffee beans is that they contain chlorogenic acid, which offers health benefits.

Green Coffee Beans Benefits

Green coffee beans have grown in popularity in recent years as a result of their health benefits. People have started to realize just how incredible they are.

Weight Loss

Green coffee beans have a reputation for their weight loss stimulation because unroasted beans have more antioxidant benefits than black coffee.

They contain chlorogenic acid, which is a good antioxidant for you. This acid is a metabolism booster. That’s why green coffee beans promote fat loss, increase metabolism, and lower bad cholesterol levels.

The chlorogenic acid and caffeine in green coffees will also lower the amount of glucose released into the bloodstream by the liver. As a result, drinking green coffee increases our body’s fat-burning capacity, resulting in weight loss.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Several types of research have proved that drinking green coffee can reduce blood pressure in persons with moderate hypertension. It can also lower the stress hormone cortisol level, linked to high blood pressure and other health issues.

Normalize Your Blood Sugar

Green coffee can help you maintain a balanced blood sugar level and minimize the risk of getting diabetes. The amount of chlorogenic acid and caffeine in green coffee can lower cortisol, a reason for your high blood sugar level, as well as glucose absorption in obese people.

Reduce Your Cholesterol

To make it even better, green coffee can also lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Drinking it every day can reduce your risk of heart disease.


Green coffee beans can benefit your skin in various ways. The chlorogenic acid works as a barrier between your skin and the outside environment.

It improves your skin hydration and eliminates dryness. It will also help to minimize the redness caused by too much sun exposure.

Drinking green coffee every day can enhance your blood flow, making your face more radiant and toned. You will no longer need a highlighter or foundation to have a healthy complexion.

Improve Energy Level

Even though green coffee beans have a smaller amount of caffeine than brown ones, they are still enough to give you an energy boost. Caffeine can affect one’s performance and blood pressure in major ways.

Consuming green coffee can improve your mood, focus, and memory. It will also provide you with stable attention and awareness to concentrate on doing your best work.

Factors That Affect Green Coffee Beans Longevity

As we have learned so far, green coffee beans can last a very long time, even longer than brown ones. Therefore, many factors can affect the coffee beans’ longevity.


Raw coffee beans can last longer than roasted ones because they are not exposed to heat. The nutrients in the beans are preserved, keeping the beans from degrading.

High temperatures can ruin your coffee beans’ scent. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight, as this will cause them to dry up. After the beans are dried out, the flavor becomes very harsh. It will also harm the smell.

You should maintain your green coffee beans at room temperature. By doing this, your final results will produce the best freshly brewed coffee by the roasting date.

If your beans become damp or grow moldy, they are not suitable for brewing.


Moisture is the greatest enemy of not only green coffee beans but every type of coffee in general. The humidity around your coffee beans can greatly impact how long they stay stable.

Mold can grow if there is too much moisture. The coffee beans will become overly soft and lose their original scent. Bacteria and fungus can also ruin the condition of your raw coffee beans.

To limit exposure to moisture changes and humidity, you should keep your green coffee in airtight containers or secure ziplock bags.

Freezing coffee beans for long-term freshness is also a great idea. However, defrosting your beans can potentially make them soggy.

It is better if you split your coffee beans into small portions. By doing this, you may avoid the coffee beans being ruined by defrosting and refreezing.

Where You Store Your Coffee

Coffee beans usually come in jute bags, however, the risk of them getting too humid or dry is quite high. It’s ideal for keeping your beans in airtight jars. Ziplock bags can also work.

Many advocates use the freezer, however as we previously stated, freezer burn and coldness can cause a lot of damage. As they defrost, there’s also the risk of moisture, which can lead to mold.

It would be better if you free them separately and for brief periods.

Pests and bugs

We can’t deny the fact that green coffee can captivate mites, pests, and all types of bugs since they are an organic material.

But you shouldn’t worry too much about that. If you secure your coffee beans in ziplock bags or airtight containers, these bugs will die within 48 hours since there is no air circulation.

How To Make Your Coffee Beans Last Longer?

There is nothing too complicated about storing your green coffee beans. If you want your coffee beans to last longer, the best way is to put them in ziplock bags or airtight jars, as mentioned.

Keep in mind that you are not planning to use them for a long time; open and shake them occasionally to allow air to circulate over them.

The ideal temperature when storing green coffee beans is from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You shouldn’t let the humidity be higher than 60%; mold will grow if the humidity is higher than this level.

However, if the humidity is too low, your coffee beans will also dry up and produce a dull taste.

In general, green coffee beans can stay in good condition when stored in a dry and cool environment. You should also avoid placing them in direct sunlight, as well as moist or damp environments.

The Bottom Line

In the article above, we have answered your question: How long do green coffee beans last? We can see that this type of coffee not only lasts longer than your regular ones but also has a lot of health benefits.

As long as you store them properly, they will retain their freshness and great condition for 6 months to a year or even more. You will be able to enjoy your new favorite drink without worrying about your expired coffee beans.

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