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Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso: Which Is Better For Coffee Lovers?

Are you a coffee enthusiast and enjoying the convenience of having a perfectly brewed cup of this caffeinated beverage at your fingertip? If so, why don’t you choose one out of these two top-rated coffee makers: Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso

They share common benefits such as swift and uniform coffee outcome, modern technology, high durability, and deserve your expenses. It is wonderful to sip on a perfect self-brewed cup of coffee at your home instead of a cafe to bring peace of mind for a new day.

However, there are some aspects that differ distinctly, like design, function, purpose, and price. The article below will walk you through all the differences between the two machines. Let’s get started!

Comparison Between Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso

To provide the most detailed information to choose the well-suited coffee maker for your buying purpose, here are some most obvious distinctions between the two brands.

Models & Operation

Let’s begin with Dolce Gusto; how does it work? Dolce Gusto is a single-serve coffee maker that uses its brand pods to make hot and cold beverages like cappuccino, hot and iced coffee, iced tea, etc.

The operating system is not intricate: put a pod into the machine, set the appropriate level, and lastly, hit the brew button. To have cold drinks, you have to use special Dolce Gusto pods made for cold brewing and switch on the “Cold drink” button.

Dolce Gusto has many product lines on the market right now, and their operating systems are considered homogeneous. They all make the same drinks and only differ in those aspects, such as capacity, size, or design.

Concerning Nespresso, this coffee brewer is a single-serve espresso and coffee machine. Nespresso capsules enable you to make espresso-based drinks like latte, macchiato, or cappuccino.

This world-renown coffee machine manufacturer has two common types with different purposes and advanced functions. Nespresso OriginalLine is invented to only serve espresso-based drinks, while Nespresso VertuoLine, with entirely different capsules, can make both coffee and espresso with high quality.

Having customers’ drink palate at heart, Nespresso’s operation is a bit more complicated than Dolce Gusto’s as this coffee maker has more innovative features to make coffee with premium and uniform quality at utmost convenience.

Specialty & Taste

Dolce Gusto is a beverage center. You can make coffee, obviously, and other coffee choices, including a Starbucks range, Americano, espresso, etc., and non-caffeinated beverages such as chocolate or tea, as this brewer has capsules for these beverages.

In contrast to Dolce Gusto’s specialty, Nespresso is all about coffee. Nespresso has Original and Vertuo ranges. Original models focus on espresso; they can make authentic black coffee with crema on the top or one with hot milk and foam.

The capsules in the Original range give you the choice of coffees from renowned coffee-producing nations like Columbia, Ethiopia, etc.

Vertuo can make espresso and coffee, as mentioned above. Able to make five different sizes of coffee at the touch of a button, the Vertuo also uses Nespresso’s pod recognition system to identify which blend it’s brewing to ensure the outcome of a perfect cup of coffee.

So when it comes to variety, Dolce Gusto secures a higher place for the capacity to make more beverages other than caffeinated ones, giving you, your family members, and guests a wider range of choices.

In terms of taste, Nespresso can produce a stronger taste of coffee than Dolce Gusto. Among the two models of Nespresso, the Vertuo is more famous for its taste.

It uses Nespresso’s patented Centrifusion brewing technology, which spins the coffee pod a thousand times per minute to ensure a full and even dispersal of the pod’s contents and brew coffee that is consistently full of the rich, aromatic flavor that Nespresso is famous for.

So if you are a coffee lover, Nespresso is a dream come true, giving you a barista experience in the comfort of your own home.


Convenience is one of the most concerning criteria you may want to consider before buying a coffee machine as it will be your companion in the kitchen for at least several years to come.

The Ability To Make Milk Frothing

All Dolce Gusto models do not feature a milk frother function to make traditional milk-based drinks like cappuccino or latte. Rather, each pod contains powdered milk.

So when it comes to a milk-based drink, you will use two pods: the coffee pod then the milk pod. Or you can buy a milk frother separately in any coffee shop in case you want fresh milk.

Differ from Dolce Gusto; a milk frother is included in the more expensive models of Nespresso. As mentioned before, Nespresso will have advanced functions, making it more convenient to brew your favorite coffee at home.

Technology Application

In this aspect, while Dolce Gusto remains the same in many versions, Nespresso seems to take its place for advanced technology through lines.

The Vertuoline is the living proof for that. With patented extracting technology called Centrifusion, it brews coffee by rapidly spinning the coffee capsule while saturating it with water for a full and even extraction.

This mechanic will automatically measure the proportion of milk and coffee when making cappuccino or milk-based coffee.

Nespresso’s machines are also equipped with superior features for convenience. The OriginalLine’s machine helps save as much energy as possible. The preheat time only lasts 25 seconds, and after using, in case you forget to turn it off, the machine will shut off on its own after 9 minutes.

The VertuoLine’s machine is innovated with the ability to read the barcode on the rim of the capsules to automatically adjust parameters to optimal settings for each capsule. So convenient, right?

Capsules Availability

When it comes to capsule availability, Dolce Gusto will beat its opponent. While you can find Dolce Gusto’s capsules in almost any supermarkets or grocery stores, Nespresso’s are only sold online or in Nespresso stores but bear in mind, there are not many physical stores.

The website for ordering Nespresso capsules is not too user-friendly, requiring your time to get used to it. And if you don’t get a promotion, you will have to pay the shipping fee.

When it comes to capsules, one feature that needs mentioning is the capsule reservoir. Most Dolce Gusto coffee makers don’t have capsule reservoirs; therefore, you must take the used capsules out before putting a new one in.

Unlike Dolce Gusto, Nespresso has a capsule container. Once you use up a capsule and lift the lever, the empty pod will be stored inside, and you can throw it daily rather than after every single brew.

Price Value

Nespresso coffee makers’ costs can range from around $70 to around $450. There is a wide range of choices for you to choose the suitable model, depending on your budget and part of your interests. However, every product line proves to be a good investment thanks to its value.

Dolce Gusto is cheaper, ranging from $70 to $150. The price is ideal for all people who want versatile flavors and are new to the coffee world. It will be worth your money for a perfect morning cup of coffee.

So if you want to buy for personal use, you can choose Dolce Gusto as it is cost-friendly, easy to use, and has a variety of flavors.

If you are a real coffee enthusiast who wants to invest money in a modern, authentic coffee maker, Nespresso is a good deal. With its reputation and perfect coffee beverages, the machine can also be a nice touch to every office space.

Quick Rundown Of Dolce Gusto


  • The capacity to make a wide range of beverages apart from coffee
  • Capsules availability
  • Suitable for personal use or family use
  • Easy to use, well-suited for beginners
  • Fast brewing to save much time, especially in the morning
  • Affordable price for every home


  • Don’t have a capsule container
  • The taste of coffee is not authentic or intense
  • New models don’t have many advanced features compared to previous ones

Quick Rundown Of Nespresso Coffee Machine


  • Authentic, rich aroma and intense taste of coffee
  • A capsule container for convenience
  • Advanced features equipped in each line for smart use and optimal energy-efficiency
  • Milk frothing function in modern models for fresh milk-based coffee cups
  • The wide price range for different budgets


  • Capsule purchasing is not convenient in many physical stores.
  • High price
  • Limited to only caffeinated beverages


Overall, the most noticeable difference between Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso lies in the function. Dolce Gusto is a beverage center; you can make other beverages apart from coffee easily, while Nespresso focuses more on the authenticity of espresso and coffee tastes.

That makes Dolce Gusto an ideal option for people looking to make and enjoy a variety of beverages.

Regardless, Nespresso deserves to be the winner of this round. It can create fresh milk-based coffee with a rich aroma and intense flavors. It is the right choice for any coffee enthusiast out there.

After the comparison, we hope you find a suitable coffee machine for your buying purpose and enjoy the coffee to start a day with inspiration and high energy.

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